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Associations of Inhabitants

Monday, November 30, 2015 -
09:00 to 12:30
Objectives:  - Strengthen the convergence, the voice and the impact of local associations of inhabitants from poor and marginalized urban neighbourhoods facing the impact of neo-liberalism in the continent in the development of housing policies and urban planning based on human rights and the protection of the environment and the redistribution of resources, in particular, towards the World Urban Social Forum and Habitat III in Quito, in 2016.  - Jointly evaluate the recommendations of the 2012 Africities Session and whether or not any of these recommendations have been adopted by local and/or national governments, or international development partners.  - Identify local authorities to engage in a policy debate regarding Habitat III and the WUSF within the context of human rights, the defence of the commons, the equitable redistribution of resources, and our responsibility towards future generations, and especially the need for alternative paradigms to the destructive policies of neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism.
The session will bring together representatives of social movements, NGOs, elected officials and local government officials to discuss the promotion of dialogue between the parties as a concrete contribution to shape an agenda for the Future of Africa with the People, as well as a regional contribution to the World Urban Social Forum and Habitat III in Quito, in 2016.
Ballroom 1B